Fun and Freebies

Sometimes the choices are many. When this happens I'm happy to give you a fragrance consultation. Maybe just you and me, coffee and share the fragrances. Or maybe a get together with your friends and family, for some social time with fun and laughter.

A candle party is a great way to experience PartyLite. You'll have access to the full range of PartyLite products, including all the specials. As the host I'll also have a gift for you, from me, too.

Whether in home or online, I'll make sure we have fun! 

Honestly, candle parties are one of my favourite things to do!

You'll learn more about about the amazing PartyLite scents, the great range of candles, and how to decorate (not clutter) your home.

All we need to do is set the date.You invite some guests, and I'll do the rest.

Did I mention that my hosts get a free gift from me?

Want to learn more? Drop me  a message, or give a call!